How To Make Money Online From Ethiopia

As we all know Ethiopia is one of the developing countries. because of that making money online is not easy from such countries. but it’s doesn’t mean impossible. nowadays it’s possible to work online from almost where ever in the world. so why not for Ethiopia? it’s definitely possible. the only thing you have to do is looking for an online job site that pays via the payment method which is accepted in Ethiopia. right?

so from now on don’t worry about such a question. just keep reading.

1. Create a blog (Website)

So In order to make money by blogging its necessary to have your own blog. Blogging is posting some content on the Blog. the content can be whatever you want but you must post something. (in fact, there might be some limitation when you came to monetize it).

To Get A lot more traffic to your website you should focus on something useful. This what all bloggers do!

There is enough material available online to help you put together a website. This includes choosing the domain, templates, layout and the overall design for your website. Once ready to service the visitors with the relevant content, sign up for Google Adsense, which when appear on your website and clicked on by visitors, help you make money. The more traffic you get on your website, the more will be the potential for higher earnings.

So do you think of buying some domain names? there is a lot Domain Name seller Company’s World Wide. but as Ethiopian we don’t own master card or credit card in order to do that payment so here is the list of company’s that sells Domain names in Ethiopia which allows you to pay via wire transfer in your local area banks…

Top # 3 Domain Name Seller’s In Ethiopia

That is all … you’ll buy domain name, upload some posts to your website and connect it to ad-sense to monetize your website.

IN order to have a website should i have to study programming? (someone may asks). yeah But, that isn’t a must you can build a website using website builder like wordpress. and of course you can monetize it…

2. Create YouTube Channel

Upload your videos to public

(do some research best niche ideas before starting your channel) …

After you create your channel the next step is to monetize it. Youtube set a minimum eligibility requirement to start making money.

  1. Your channel should follow all the YouTube partner program policies.
  2. Your channel should have more than 4000 watch hours in the last 12 months.
  3. Have more than 1000 subscribers.
make money online staring youtube channel ethiopia.

If you pass all this steps your channel will start making money…

3. Sell Your Products Online

you can sell products in social media’s group and channel or thanks to this platform for Ethiopian’s qefira website(great website for Ethiopians to buy and sell).

Nowadays, Selling your goods physically is basically something traditional…

so, you can use website’s like qefira to sell your products and make money.

4. Sell Products and Services on Social Media.

Social media offers a great way to promote your products and services to a large audience, using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Telegram are the best way to sell your products. when you come to engagement rate Telegram will blow them away.

As Ethiopia Telegram is the most suitable platform to sell products because followers from telegram likely pays attention and will get constant notification on your updates.

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